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PeoplesWarehouse.com 03/24/11 - It is my pleasure to announce, Peopleswarehouse.com is now a completely free site. What this means is, there are no listing fees, selling fees, commission fees, or any other hidden fees period, for using the Peopleswarehouse.com site. Peopleswarehouse is a complete web-based store front system containing amazing software capabilities to create your own online store with a complete store management system allowing you, the sellers, to setup your own business from your home with out paying any hosting fees. Peopleswarehouse allows you to add as many products to your store as you wish and maintain your own inventory . All of the stores created on peopleswarehouse benefit from sharing the mall site with other diverse stores using the site, much the same as all of the diverse stores you might see in a brick and mortar local mall in your area. You can create and design your own mall store front end using the tools provided to all shop owners. You can have banners or even offer advertising on your own unique store front. Customers will browse through peopleswarehouse unique stores, much the same as they do in their local malls. When a customer finds an item they would like to purchase, they simply add the product to their cart. Peopleswarehouse will then email you, the shop owner, with the customers’ email and billing address so you can complete the sales transaction directly with the buyer.

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